Monday, April 14, 2008

Genetic Disorders

The University of Utah has provided an excellent website on genetics. There are animations and interactive projects to reinforce your learning. Make use of them!

Injured (mutated)DNA or abnormal chromosomes can result in genetic disease.
First, refresh your memory on mutations.
What is a mutation?
How do mutations occur?
How do mutations cause genetic disorders?

To learn more about genetic disorders go to this University of Utah website. Notice the distinction between single gene disorders, chromosome abnormalities and multifactorial disorders.

You should understand the genetic basis of sickle cell disease, PKUand cystic fibrosis.

Be sure to understand genetic traits characterized as:

Autosomal dominant

Autosomal recessive

Sex-linked (or X-linked)

To learn more about disorders caused by abnormal chromosomes go to another page at the same website.

You should understand the genetic basis of Down Syndrome, Turner Syndrome, and Klinefelter Syndrome.

Another great place to learn some genetics is at the Cold Spring Harbor DNA Learning Center. Here is the page for "Your Genes, Your Health".

There is also an excellent, easily understood, source of information on understanding genetic conditions at the National Library of Medicine. Your taxes paid for it, make use of it.

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