Thursday, March 13, 2008

Genetics Definitions

A locus is the specific place on a chromosome where a gene is located.

An allele is any one of an alternative forms of a given gene. Blood group antigens are an example. Blood types A, B and O are each alleles or slightly different version of genes that code for a blood surface antigen.

A gene is the portion of DNA that usually encodes a protein. Genes confer inheritable traits.

A genotype describes the genetic constitution of an individual.

A phenotype is the observed appearance or quality of an individual. Blue eyes, blond hair, six fingers. It is the product of the genotype and the environment.

A dominent allele (gene) expresses its phenotype even in the presence of a recessive allele. Thus genotype AA (two dominent alleles - homozygous) and Aa (one dominent and one recessive allele - heterozygous) have the same phenotype.

A recessive allele (gene) is expressed only if two copies of the recessive allele occurs.

A homozygous gene pair is an identical pair of alleles at the locus of each chromosome - eg. AA or aa but NOT Aa which is heterozygous.

A heterozygous gene pair has different alleles at the locus of each chromosome - eg. Aa

A gene mutation is a permanent change in the DNA sequence that makes up a gene.

A point mutation is single nucleotide base change in the DNA.

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