Thursday, April 17, 2008


Top to bottom: human flea (Pulex), eyelash mite (Demodex) and a louse (Pediculus)

Here is a great medical entomology website. An ectoparasite is a parasite that lives on or in the skin rather than inside the body. Humans can become infested with many different ectoparasites. Some are pretty much harmless (head lice) and others can transmit disease (ticks, fleas, mites). Some ectoparasites live in the skin. For instance the scabies mite.

Learn more about scabies (mites) here, it's something you could possibly see. You can visit these websites to learn about head lice, ticks that spread Lyme Disease, body lice, and dust mites (not an ectoparasite but a cause of allergy). Here is a paper that discusses eyelash mites (demodex) and rosacea.

Some diseases spread by ectoparasites include: Babesiosis (ticks), Plague (fleas) and scrub typhus (mites).

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Anonymous said...

I am a pupil at St.Augustines High School, and I was rather appauled at these images and amazed that they are actually allowed to be shown on a public website. I was intreged to find out more about the horrific creatures when one of my fellow pupils told me we had creatures like this missioning around our eyelashes. I feel that this in really uncalled for and that you should take immediate action to cure this accusation. Please take into consideration my feelings and emotions about these disturbing and horrific images. Yours Appauled Anonymous!