Thursday, April 24, 2008

Skeletal and Smooth Muscle Tumors

Rhabdomyomas are rare benign tumors of skeletal muscle usually found in the area of the head and neck.

Rhabdomyosarcomas are malignant tumors of skeletal muscle. These tumors are typically found on the arms and legs. Over 85% of rhabdomyosarcomas occur in infants, children, and teenagers.

Leiomyomas are benign tumors of smooth muscle. These tumors are uncommon.

Leiomyosarcomas are malignant tumors of smooth muscle tissue. These are rare tumors in the USA.

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Mauigirl said...

What a great site! I've been reading your Adirondack Musings because of your political viewpoints (so close to my own! ;-)) and just thought I'd see what this blog was all about.

I have a medical blog myself called Medicana which I haven't written in since this election heated up but will be going back to eventually. I have no medical training but try to get my facts right as medical subjects are of great interest to me.

I'm going to link your medical blog to Medicana if you don't mind. I've already added your other blog to my blogroll.

I found you because of your "Adirondack" title of your other blog - we're buying a place up near Lake George.